Monday, November 5, 2007

Ironically enough

Tonight is the finals of the Vitaminwater Energy Drink Cocktail contest. I didn't make it, but my good friend David Shenault from the TearDrop (and Meriwethers) did. He's up against bartenders from Bartini (huh?), Mint/820 (yawn), and Rontoms (all I can say is wow). If skill, imagination and hard work have anything to do with it, David should be $2007 richer by the end of the evening.

The ironic thing is that I just read a news article headlined, "Mixing Vodka and Red Bull can be Deadly Experts Say". To quote this expert, "its like mixing cocaine with heroin". Yeah right.

Who knew? Good luck tonight David and try not to kill anyone with your energy drink concoction.

If you want to check the competition out, its tonight at 8pm at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison here in Portland.

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Anonymous said...

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