Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yes, thanks to my good friend Ron Dollete, I'm up and running at You'll find my first post of the New Year up already. Its a bit sparse, but I'll clean the template up in a few days. As of today, this blog is RETIRED.

Again, to read my spirits and cocktails thoughts, head to and for my whiskey articles, head over to

Thanks for reading! See you at my new homes!


I'm moving

Its finally happened. I can't stand blogger anymore. I've been meaning to dump it for some time but a number of issues, primarily laziness have kept me from doing much updating. As it is, I've just purchased and it should be up and running shortly. I'll put up a notice when it moves. I've got a lot of new content that I've been working on and I'm looking forward to having my own domain. And if you want to read my whiskey writing on just check here.