Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday musings and other random thoughts

I'm drinking a 1991 Sterling Merlot with dinner tonight. I'm not the biggest merlot fan, in fact, I hardly touch it, but 91 was such a good year that my mouth is watering at the thought.

The first case of Aperol entered Oregon yesterday. Britt over at Hillsdale Liquor out in Beaverton called me yesterday to tell me that she's sitting on a case. At $25 a bottle, its a little more than I pay in CA, but I'm not complaining. Btw, one of my favorite cocktails in the world is simply equal parts Aperol and Aviation gin on the rocks. I may have to pour myself one of those tonight to celebrate.

I really need to make another batch of ginger beer.

Ever try equal parts of Cynar and Aviation gin? That one is an amazing cocktail too. Very food friendly.

Taking stock of the wines stashed under my desk right now reveals the following;

a 2002 Seidel-Dudenhoffer Dornfelder (not for me, blech)

a 1972 Ch. Peymartin Bordeaux (past its prime, '72 was an awful year, and I've had this vintage of this producer before)

2 bottles of 1989 Whitehall Lane Merlot

a magnum of Mystal Vineyards Merlot from 1996

a 1986 Whitehall Lane Merlot

a 1997 Van Asperen Zinfandel

and 3 bottles of 1980 Rebello Valente Vintage Port

And yes, you read that right, this is whats stashed under my desk at my day job.

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