Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Update

Some random musings and observations on an otherwise nondescript Friday.

- The no vest rule is one that I am beginning to love. I know that this is cryptic, but you'll understand soon enough.

- Food Dude gets it right again. Not only do I agree wholeheartedly with his choice, but his selection of Kevin Ludwig and Kelley Swenson as the two best bartenders in Portland is spot on in my opinion. Both gentlemen are masters of their craft with amazing palates and an uncanny ability to match flavors. If you enjoy cocktails, these are the people to see in town.

- I've got a couple of new reviews (including Schipper Bitter)coming soon. These will actually be liquor related instead of the recent cooking posts that I've been putting up.

- We've got two relatively new bartenders at 50 Plates that I am exceptionally happy to be working with. Evan Furey and Dan Pelley have a ton of talent and its going to be a lot of fun for me to watch them learn and grow. I'm really looking forward to their contributions to the bar.

- Shoshanna Cohen makes a mean gin daisy. I know.

- I recently received a bottle of Canadian Club 30yr. All I can say right now is wow, what a wonderful whisky. This may be the finest Canadian whisky I've ever tasted. I'm supposed to go to a Super Bowl party this weekend, but I've had a hard week, and I'm reading a fascinating new book, ”Brothers”, by Yu Hua. I'm really thinking that I might like to just spend a quiet Sunday with a bit of CC 30 and this book and just savor my day and this fine fine whisky.


caskproof said...

That restaurant looks beautiful!

Jacob said...

I hope that no vest rule doesn't apply to bartenders. I've been waiting months to wear my vests!

Lance J. Mayhew said...

Actually, the no vest rule does apply to bartenders. At least someplace it does.

Jacob said...

I admit, they're overdone. But bartender/magicians need the pockets!

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Eden Gold said...

Hopefully zero vest tip won't sign up for bartenders. I've been waiting several weeks to utilize my own vests!

Anonymous said...

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