Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Some people are big St. Pat's people, others aren't. I fall into the latter category as I've spent way too many St. Patrick's Day shifts breaking up fights, cutting off drunks and cleaning up vomit. That said, I do love corned beef and cabbage, and at the end of any St. Patrick's day there are always two things that I crave, a cold pint of Harp and a nice glass of Irish Whiskey. To be honest, I'm partial to Redbreast, a wonderful Irish whiskey, but my stock was depleted so I had to make do with a bit of the Jameson’s, a fine Irish whiskey itself, but more of an everyday drinker for me versus the Redbreast. Surprisingly, I couldn't find Harp at my grocery store (but Guiness was everywhere), so I picked up a 6 pak of Smithwicks Irish ale, which turned out to be a delicious turn of events. A quiet, but very successful evening.
Tomorrow, the best man from my wedding, Danny, flies in for the NCAA basketball tournament. We'll probably polish off the Jameson's pretty quickly while watching the games, but knowing his love for rum, I'm guessing that I might be switching to rum once the Jameson's is out. I probably won't be posting much until the tournament is over, basketball and friends and alcohol don't make for a very good writing (or reading) experience. I'll be back soon. I'm still working on reviews of Zwack, Canadian Club 30 year, Black Bottle and more.


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