Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Quick Update- Back from Vail

So I've just returned from the Grand Marnier Mixology Summit in Vail. All I can say is THANK YOU to both the great people at Grand Marnier and Navan as well as all of the people at AKA Wine Geek. Having attended it last year, I can say that this years event was even bigger and better than ever. I'll be writing more about my experiences at the Summit this week over at www.MySpeedRail.com, feel free to pop over and check it out. A few things though that really struck me coming away from this years event. Two Vegas bartenders really really impressed me this year. Alex Velez made an organic cocktail with hemp milk that just blew me away, and it made me more aware of the need for bartenders to take into account our guests who are lactose intolerant or gluten free or have other dietary restrictions. Secondly, Anthony Alba of the AKA Wine Geek team not only went above and beyond in helping me during my lab, but his molecular mixology demonstration with Willy Shine really opened my eyes to the possibilities of molecular mixology. To be honest, I've always dismissed Vegas as not having serious craft bartenders, but these these two gentlemen proved me wrong. Alex and Anthony, thanks for everything this weekend. I learned a lot from both of you and perhaps I need to make a trip to Vegas sooner rather than later to check out the scene there.

I've got several more things coming up soon-

I'll be reviewing Zwackk shortly.

Look for an update on some of the new Three Olives vodka flavors (grape and cherry) as well as info about their "O face" campaign at www.ThreeOlives.com.

Beaker and Flask is getting closer by the day. I would say that the opening date was the #1 question I was asked during Vail. Soon people, soon.

I came home to a bottle of Michael Collins Single Malt Irish Whiskey on my porch. I'll be reviewing that soon as well.

Canadian Club 30 year is an amazing whiskey. Possibly the finest whiskey I've ever had, I've been struggling with the review of this very special bottle. In short, I'll eventually get something up for this but I'm just in love with that bottle.

Oh, btw, I tried a new pisco that isn't on the market yet from Casa Lapostolle in Chile. If you are a fan of pisco or any of the Lapostolle family's other great products, ask your local liquor rep to push for this to go into production. This may be the best pisco out there and it would be a shame not to see that come into the American market.


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