Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cool G'Vine Gin Competition

This week, EWG Spirits & Wine announces that G’Vine, Gin de France, is embarking on an
innovative worldwide search for the most exceptional Gin Bartender. A racy newcomer to the
growing Gin scene, G’Vine Gin debuted beginning of 2007 after a 3-year long elaboration process.
The brand quickly captivated the gin-loving mixology community and the media with a
revolutionary new portfolio of Gins created with a heady and complex grape-spirit base and infused
with the delicate green grape flower. After receiving rave reviews, accolades and awards, this
innovative gin brand is now searching for the most outstanding Gin Bartender. The winner will
garner worldwide recognition from the brand and its followers as the gin category’s leader in
mixology and bar-smarts.
In addition to being granted the first-ever title of “G’Vine Gin Connoisseur”, the winning bartender
will receive over-the-top prizes including a year‘s supply of G’Vine, 3000 USD and a luxury and
initiatory trip for two through Amsterdam, London and Paris to explore the past, present and future
of Gin. The competition’s twelve global finalists will be flown to Paris and Cognac for a week of
Connoisseur challenges, seminars and the opportunity to run their own bar at the G’Vine Spring
Ball. The twenty highest scoring competitors will be awarded with exclusive G’Vine taylor-made
tools such as ice moulds, shakers and aroma kits.
With rewards this sweet, the process to enter the competition is meticulously crafted so that only
the most passionate of gin connoisseurs can compete. Each entrant must first complete an online
examination process that includes five “interactive modules” which together make up an extensive
overview of the gin category.
Potential winners must study literature and complete exams on:
• The Complete History of Gin
• Gin Making
• G’Vine Education
• Tasting Gin & Cocktails
• Gin Marketing
The exams are supervised and graded by the world-renowned expert, Philip Duff. Duff is an award-
winning speaker, trainer, author and mixologist, and the owner of Liquid Solutions Bar & Beverage
Consulting and Door 74 in Amsterdam. The deadline to complete all exams is December 15th. In
addition to ace-ing the exams, contenders must also create an original G’Vine cocktail and include it
on their bar‘s cocktail list until January 31st, 2010.
“Unlike other cocktail competitions where the focus is only on the end-use cocktail created by the
bartender, the G’Vine Connoisseur Program is seeking a bartender with an unmatched knowledge,
and creativity – basically a bartender who is obsessed with Gin,” exclaims Audrey Fort, EWG’s
Marketing and Business Development Director. “These ‘Gin-tenders’ are a unique bunch, and
G’Vine is determined to unearth the best of breed and properly bestow him or her with top honors
and unprecedented awards.”