Monday, February 18, 2008

Bad back and the Mixology Summit

Stupid me. I have terrible back problems. I probably (ok, definitely) shouldn't be behind the bar with the problems that I have. Luckily enough for me, acupuncture has given me relief like I've never experienced before. When I leave after a session, I feel like a teenager again. Its the most amazing thing. It does, however, take some maintenance. I've found that I can go about 6 weeks in between sessions before it starts to lose its effect. This time, I've gone more like 12 weeks in between, and today I turned wrong and I'm in absolute agony. I've popped 3 aspirin, 2 cocktails and I'm starting to seriously think about taking one of my real pain pills, which are effective but leave me in a zombie-like state for a couple of days afterward.

I had big plans. I was going to show you the progress on my prosciutto. Its ready to be hung in the basement, but I won't even be picking up paperclips for a week. I was going to finish the bacon eggnog (ok, maybe not, buy my intention was there). I was going to update you on my now saffron/blood orange bitters (I think I might have hit a home run here).

Instead, I'll be lucky to finish the dinner that I have going. Roast chicken with thyme, mache salad, roasted new potatoes, steamed broccoli and a blackberry-Grand Marnier fool. Simple food for a Monday night, but tasty nonetheless.

Speaking of Grand Marnier, who else is attending next month's Mixology Summit in Vail? I'm flying in a few days early to Denver and if anyone is interested in touring Stranahan's with me, I'm more than happy to make the arrangements. Well, at least when I'm upright again. Please bear with me, I'll be back in the saddle soon enough.


camper said...

I'm supposed to go and report on the event, which reminds me I need to make sure that's still happening.

Anonymous said...

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