Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hey, where'd I go?

If you don't see as many posts from me over the next few months, I apologize. I have signed a contract to be a content provider for a new, bartenders only website that is launching next week. One of the requirements of the contract is that I provide 3 original posts a week on the site. Nothing terribly difficult about that, but it will probably have some degree of impact on what I am able to post over here.
I have no intention of abandoning or ignoring my blog, but I do have a lot on my plate, with this website launch and the opening of Beaker and Flask on the horizon. Its looking to be a very very busy summer for me.
As for this website, I'll provide more details as I am allowed. I will say that I am very excited to be a part of this launch, and I'm hopeful that this website will be a valuable tool for the best bartenders in the country.
Please bear with me. The first few weeks may be the hardest. Also, if you are a pro (unfortunately, this website is not open to cocktail enthusiasts, its restricted to professionals only) and you'd like to get an invite to the beta launch (did I mention that this website is invite only?), please send me a message and I'll be happy to pass it along to the right people.


chardoak said...

Hey, great site man. I believe that we met on the gondola ride up to the peak in Vail. I'm the one from VA with a wife that was desperately afraid of heights. Anyway, if you would like, I would love to see the site that you are helping to launch. And, since it is invite only, umm... can I?

Either way, good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

Jacob said...

Aargh, one more reason I need to hurry up and find a new bar job. Good luck with the new site!

And thanks for the invitation to the OBG. I'll check it out soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lance! Sign me up, if ya don't mind :) Still in the loop. Any new OBG events coming up??


Lance J. Mayhew said...

Hey Becca and Chardoak,

Send me a message with your email and I will definitely get you in.


ps- Its great to hear from you both

Anonymous said...

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