Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Old New Orleans visits 50 Plates and More

Tomorrow, I am lucky enough to be doing a special event for the Distillers Trail at 50 Plates, a lead up to the GADF. I can't believe our luck as Ben Gersh from Old New Orleans Rum is coming to hang out and talk about his products while JP and I get to pour some great drinks featuring their rum. I've got a batch of Hazelnut Orgeat that I'm bringing in to make a "Port Orleans", essentially a classic Mai Tai with an Oregon twist (one of the very few tiki drinks that I care for), a Bienville Tea, Old New Orleans rum, Grand Marnier and iced tea, and, of course, JP's Rum Julep plus a few other surprises. Its going to be a blast, and it runs from 5-8 tomorrow, so make sure you get down to 50 Plates in plenty of time.

Last night, I was up to an ungodly hour stuffing the swag bags for the competitors and judges for this weekend's cocktail competition. Honestly, it kind of sucked. Apparently, I'm much better at other things, as stuffing bags is clearly not my forte. The gift bags are cool this year, Imbibe Magazine, our co-presenter of the competition helped immensely in this task. I'd like to let the bags be a surprise, so I won't reveal the contents yet, but they are pretty cool this year.

I've also had the worst case of writers block in my life over the last 2 weeks. Anyone have any advice?

Other news-

- I rately get envious, but I just read Jeff Morgenthaler's post on Old Forester Repeal Bourbon today and I'm lusting after some Old Forester right now. Perhaps a trip to Eugene is in order soon. Damn I like bourbon.

-Shoshanna Cohen, former writer for Imbibe Magazine, avid sock lover and all around cool Portlander has a newish blog going. Its Head on over and check it out. You might learn a thing or two about drinks, or perhaps tube socks. I just added her to my reader.

- In the mail, samples of Veev acai liquor and Sagatiba Pura Cachaca. With my recent interest in all things cachaca, well, color me very interested, and I have yet to taste Veev acai, but I'm open to the experience.

- Sobieski vodka is amazing. Easily worth double the money. I have to get this stuff into the State of Oregon. Imagine something that I can afford to pour as my well giving my top shelf vodkas a run for their money and you've got Sobieski.

- On the shelves, 10 Cane Rum has a mojito kit on the shelves right now retailing for $35. I really like 10 Cane, but I haven't tried the Stirrings Mojito mix. Still, at the price, the mix is basically free.

- Tonight, I'm escorting Ms. Emma Davis of Martin Miller’s gin, one of the great gins of the world, to show her the level of expertise and sophistication in our great cocktail scene here. I figure TearDrop, 50 Plates, Ten01 and Clyde Common make a great start, any thoughts on other destinations? Victory?


JsinT said...

What other tiki drinks can you tolerate?

philgomes said...

I'd be very interested to hear what you think of Veev. Never heard of it.

Sagatiba Pura? I liked it. Gave it 3.5 barrels. I'm waiting for Sagatiba's Velha (October) and Pre├žiosa (who knows?) to hit the states.

Where's that Leblon review?!

Phil said...

Update: i just came back from the De La Costa bar in Chicago. They were pouring Veev.

Wow... Very nice. Definitely could see myself accidentally consuming a little to much of it.

Anthony said...

Don't forget the Rum Manhattan. Mmmmm. I really liked the bienville tea as well. Thanks again Ben for the Great rums. Good luck Monday.

Anonymous said...

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