Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bacon, eggnog and cherry bombs

One of my recent experiments has involved infusing everclear with bacon. I posted the above two photos so that you could see the bacon infusion after approximately three weeks and also what the everclear looked like after straining the bacon off. I have to say, all I did was cook some bacon to the crisp side, let it cool down, and then added it to a fifth of everclear and put it in the basement for three weeks. This is all part of my master plan to make a bacon infused German eggnog, but of course, before I can start the eggnog, I needed to get the bacon flavor into my liquor.

When I went to take the bacon out of the everclear this evening, I was quite surprised to find that the bacon was still crisp. I found it slightly alluring, and I really wanted to try it. One of the lesser establishments where I used to work used to take jars of maraschino cherries and they'd pour out the juice, refill the jar with Bacardi 151, and let them steep for a few days. They called them "Cherry Bombs" and sold them 2 for .50. I don't remember too much about them except that between the staff and all the homeless people we attracted with a .50 buzz we had to make a jar every day or so. I don't think people ate the cherries for the flavor, and unfortunately, the bacon was the same way. The everclear had rendered it tasteless, but it retained its original crispness and I did catch a bit of a buzz off of the piece that I ate. Somehow, I doubt bars will replace cherry bombs with bacon bombs, but who knows?

I've wrapped the strained everclear with plastic wrap and I've currently got it in the freezer overnight. I spotted some fat globules (I think) in the liquid and figured that freezing it will hopefully bring the fat to the surface so that I can skim it off tomorrow. The liquid itself is a lovely pale golden color, and there is a mild aroma of bacon to the liquid. I'm hoping for the best, as I prepare for a very public failure if it doesn't work.

On another note, I was quite flattered to read a blog today by someone who is a cupcake baker. Apparently, my article in the current Imbibe Magazine inspired her to make a cupcake with a similar flavor profile. I was quite thrilled to read it (I'll post a link once I have her permission) and thought that it was so supremely creative that I'm tempted to get in the kitchen this weekend and make a batch of her cupcakes. It completely made my day.

I think I'll sit here for the rest of the evening nursing my Averna and OJ and hope for the best tomorrow. Lets hope the eggnog works itself out.


Siobhan said...

I'm intrigued and a little bit scared. I love bacon as much as the next non-vegetarian, but crispy after three weeks? That is scary. Can't wait to read more!

J Thornton said...

Those cupcakes made my day too.

Bacon is amazing, simply amazing. As is this experiment.

erik_flannestad said...

I think, and I'm not a scientist nor do I play one on TV, that sogginess would only result if the bacon absorbed water from the liquid. In the case of high proof alcoholic liquids, water doesn't tend to enter the solids.

I haven't tried bacon, but I have tried dried chiles and apricots. When I've soaked these in Wray & Nephew overproof Rum, I was surprised to discover they did not re-hydrate even though they flavor the steeping liquid.

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Anonymous said...

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