Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blood Orange Saffron Bitters

I pulled the Blood Orange Saffron bitters out of my cask after spending a week in American oak. The oak imparted a nice vanilla flavor and added quite a bit of complexity to the bitters. These may be my best bitters yet. In fact, if saffron weren't so damn expensive, I might be tempted to give Mr. Gary Regan and the brothers Fee a run for their money. I think I'll barrel age all my bitters in the future, its made a signifigant difference to the final product. I can't wait to give these a trial run. I'm thinking of incorporating these bitters into a new cocktail creation built around cashew feni and the bitters. Look for it soon.


Sylvan said...

I wonder is safflower might be a cheaper option. I came across a couch pillow sized bag of 'Hong hua' at Wing Ming for only like $12. It was labeled as saffron, but didn't look right, I now know it was safflower, a common substitute. Also called 'American saffron' or 'bastard saffron'.
Or you could stock up on the real thing next time you go to Spain, it's about a tenth the US price.

Anonymous said...

It was defined
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