Monday, April 28, 2008

This guy should move to Utah

One more reason I don't like politicians. A 1500% tax hike proposed on beer in California. No wonder I left when I did. Send this assemblyman with too much time on his hands your comments on the matter. I bet he is now persona non grata at Simon’s in Sacramento. For those not in the know, Simon's is the biggest political watering hole in the capitol, and runs 3-1 Dems to Reps. Great drinks and brandy fried chicken there if you happen to be near.


mikey said...

You are a cruel man. You think we don't have enough 'beer' problems in Utah? You think we need nutjobs like this dragging us down further? Shame on him and shame on you! :)

J Thornton said...

Typical politician slimeball. I like how he equates the choice of private insurance businesses not covering mental health issues as "discrimination." Taxes in California are astronomical, yet for all that money stolen and wasted, has it made for an improved, freer society?

Socialist twit.

rahman said...

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Anonymous said...

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